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Women's Outdoor Ecotherapy Group with Mi

I am thrilled to announce my newest nature-based group, starting July 10th.

This is a group for overwhelmed, stressed women who know that nature is good for the soul, but find themselves caught up in the chaos of daily life.


You may find yourself feeling like you can never catch up; you long for support, sisterhood, and simplicity. Your heart craves a return to the wilds, but your busy life holds you back.


This small therapy group will take you and other likeminded women out into various nature-based locations-- from the woods to the sea-- where you will be met with the support of other women, the guidance of a licensed counselor, and the healing power of the great outdoors.


Through this group, you will be able to identify and conquer forces holding you back and causing you stress, and will discover a renewed confidence in your ability to make getting out into nature a regular part of your life.

Multiple payment plans are available, because I truly want to make this group accessible to the women who need it.


If you would like to register or learn more, please contact me below!

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