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No Current Group Openings Available

Updated November, 2021. You can read about past groups below.  There will be additional groups offered in 2022. Please contact me if you would like to be notified about new groups!

Past Groups: 

Upcoming Groups

Is this group for me?


Have you found yourself thinking these things?​

  • "I'm overwhelmed and stressed. I can't ever get caught up."

  • "I want more time in nature, but even when I get it, it never feels like enough."

  • "I just want to get away from everything. I wish I could run away to the woods and never come back, but I have too many responsibilities."

  • "My mind is always racing."

  • "Sometimes I feel so lost."

Are you located in or around Salem, Oregon? 

Do you long for support, sisterhood, and simplicity? Does your heart crave a return to the wilds, but your busy life gets in the way? Can you feel it wearing on your soul?

If that sounds familiar then, yes, this is the group for you!

Tell me more...

I believe this group will be life changing for you.  

Return Her to the Wilds takes like-minded, stressed out women out into the beauty of nature. With the guidance of a licensed counselor, you'll learn to relax, you'll ask yourself challenging questions, and you will give and receive love and support. You'll learn practical skills to reduce stress and find ways to make communing with nature a regular part of your routine.


This group will involve mindfulness and relaxation; deep soul-searching; raw, honest sharing; practical brainstorming; and tools for making some lasting changes. All of this will happen while exploring beautiful natural locations around the area. You will also receive journaling prompts to help you reflect and continue your growth in between sessions.

When will it be?

This 8-week group begins on August 7th and end September 25th. Most weeks we will meet on Saturday mornings, however there will be two weeks where we meet on a Thursday instead to allow for an even more secluded experience.

Where will it be?

Return Her to the Wilds will meet at various natural locations in and around the Salem area. We will visit nature parks, hiking trails, and the Oregon Coast. Part of my goal for this group is to introduce you to a variety of places you may or may not have visited before, so that you can make getting out there a regular part of your life. Those who live outside the Salem area are welcome to attend, but understand that you may have a slightly farther commute. 

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