COVID-19 STATEMENT: In response to the pandemic, I am currently providing video sessions for both individual and group therapy using a secure online platform which is easy to access from a computer or smartphone. 

Because sessions are remote, I am able to provide counseling to clients anywhere in the state of Oregon.

Group Therapy

Therapy groups are similar to support groups in many ways-- you are gathered with a group of other people who are experiencing similar struggles, offering one another support. Therapy groups, however, are designed to go deeper than support groups. Group therapy can be a valuable tool for healing, growing, and making changes.

Because therapy groups are designed to go deep, it is crucial for group members to feel safe and to build trust with each other. For that reason, the groups I lead are called "closed groups". This means that once a group starts, there are no drop-ins or new members and that everyone in the group makes a commitment to be invested and engaged throughout the duration.


Group therapy offers you the chance to give and receive support, feedback, and care. If you think you could benefit from group therapy, please contact me.

Upcoming Groups

The winter can be a difficult time for grief. This women's group is designed to facilitate healing and support during this season as members engage in acts of both remembrance and self reflection.

NOTE: Enrollment closed. Contact to be added to waitlist for upcoming groups.

Grief can leave you feeling lost, empty, and directionless. This group embraces the process of mourning as a necessary step on the path forward. Members share their stories and struggles as they find meaning and direction after loss.


Contact for information. 

This indoor/outdoor blend 

EcoTherapy group is coming in Autumn of 2021.  

Please contact me now to express interest or be added to the waitlist.

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